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Light as a feather, a short informational note on what could be your best straight razor

best straight razor

It is good to know that you are now tired of using plastic disposable razors. This after using non-disposable razors which still need you to stock up on stainless steel blades every month. If you have a thick beard, you have probably made more trips to the supermarket or pharmacy than the average gentleman. Good to know that you have come to realize that this is a non-sustainable practice. Electric razors are ineffective, as it turns out.

It is also unsustainable. After all, you are plugging into electric currents every morning. If not that, you are using battery power. And when battery power runs low, the shave becomes even tardier, never coming close to delivering the desired effects. So, now you are here, looking for the best straight razor which is finally going to do justice to your morning shave. Your old school barber, it is nice to know, has also suitably inspired you in this direction.

So then, let us briefly introduce you to the Feather DX Folding Wood Handle razor. The razor’s wood handle is resinated. It is accompanied by a stronger than normal blade made of stainless steel. It has the strength to resist both rust and applied chemicals. The DX has been designed and engineered to provide the perfectly smooth glide across delicate skin. Yes, even a man’s rough exterior has its softness underneath.

The blade and handle offers a well-balanced feel, a much closer shave and enhances the grooming experience through its quality craftsmanship. First-time users of the straight razor may balk at the Feather DX’s high price. But think positively about this. It is a sustainable implement and becomes a long-term, lifelong investment.