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Why E Liquid?

What is the best way to smoke?  Some people prefer cigarettes, others prefer pipes or cigars.  There are some great risks to your health that come with any of these methods, though, and so just because you enjoy doing them does not mean that it is good for your body.  Personally, I have used all of these methods, but I have now found that there is a great alternative that I wish I had picked up on much sooner.  Instead of actually smoking tobacco now and risking lung, mouth, or throat cancer, I now use e liquid to vape and get my nicotine in my body that way.  I actually find that this smells and tastes better than actually smoking tobacco, and I am happy to note that it does not come with a lot of the same hazards that smoking actual tobacco tends to come with.

e liquid

    The liquid is simply a flavored liquid that has nicotine in it.  You put it into a device and allow the device to turn it into a vapor, which you inhale.  The vapor is not nearly as deadly as tobacco smoke, plus it often has a sweet smell and taste, which means that you are no longer annoying others with the way you and your clothes smell when you smoke.  The smell and taste is based upon the flavor that you choose, and so it really is up to you as far as exactly how you want others to smell you when you are vaping.

    The fact that there are so many different flavors to choose from just makes vaping all that much better than smoking.  You can get flavored tobacco, but it will still have that tobacco smell.  These vapors do not give off that smell, which is something that many appreciate.